Update your existing
foundry equipment with the latest technology

Parts and Upgrades

We are here to accommodate you and we know what you need. Whether you are looking for Repair Kits, Upgrade Kits, Retrofit Equipment or New Features – let us guide you to the best solutions.

We offer a large variety of original DISA spare parts to optimize, update and extend the life of your DISA Moulding Equipment.

Stay on top. It’s easy. We have made specific kits available for your benefit, ready to install – and we provide specialists with decades of experience and know-how to do the job.

Spare Parts

We have a large stock of original DISA replacement parts to optimise, update and extend the life of your DISA moulding equipment.

DISA original spare parts are your assurance that every part fits your particular DISA moulding line, that it is straightforward to install and that it will continue to serve you reliably for many years.<br> 

For your convenience we have created specific replacement part kits which are ready to install – and if necessary, we have the technical service team to install on your machine

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Order spare parts for DISA equipment

Order spare parts for DISA equipment


DISA Equipment Modernisation Programme (EMP)

If your moulding equipment could benefit from the latest technology then DISA's technical team can work with you to understand your challenges and suggest improvements to your current foundry moulding equipment.  Equipment upgrades enable you to restore your equipment to its original operational state as well as making significant improvements that enable you to become more profitable through the introduction of new technology.

Benefits include: 
  • Capacity increases
  • Efficiency improvements
  • Functionality improvements
  • Meet new legislation and standards
  • Working environment improvements – safety, noise, etc.

Increase capacity by up to 30%. Increase the capacity of your existing line and lengthen its lifetime. Sometimes, an EMP can be a realistic and achievable alternative to buying new equipment in order to meet increasing production demands.


Efficiency can be enhanced in many ways. DISA continually innovates to improve existing processes. Some recent efficiency upgrade products available include: 

  • QPC – Quick Pattern Plate Changer
  • PPC – Pattern Plate Changer
  • APC – Automatic Pattern Plate Changer
  • AFS – Automatic Filter Setter

We have introduced numerous new products to improve functionality and casting precision, and most are available to be retrofitted onto existing equipment.  The DISA MAC – Mould Accuracy Controller, produces the perfect pour. Talk to us to find out what upgrades are available for your machine.

Legislation and Standards

Whether you are aiming to reduce noise pollution, dust emissions, energy consumption or waste, DISA can help you to improve your process and meet global legislation.

Working environment improvements

DISA can help and advise to make improvements to the working and regional environment. Keep your employees healthy and safe, talk to us today.